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         Our Dogs


Hello... Welcome to Woodlands Cockapoo's... We pride ourselves on breeding well balanced healthy Cockapoo's. We are approved members of the Cockapoo Club of GB.  To obtain this status my premesis, paperwork, and dogs have all been inspected; so you can buy with confidence.  I also had a litter when they came so they saw how puppies were reared.  I also get loads of people who have my puppies recommending me!!  




SEPT  2014



                      This is Lilly, making herself at home!


Pebbles has now had her pups.  She had 13 but with so many some were small and did not make it.  I have 10 strong healthy pups which is quite enough for her to rear!  I have had a cancellation due to ill health so have one apricot bitch puppy available.   .Please ring for further details.  - 01673 843640

                               Red pic below.

























I should have puppies available in the early part of 2016.  One is an English show type the other is an American cocker.Will post pictures soon.  They will probably both be mated to Red.





This is Red - he is producing  such lovely puppies!








We are Maureen & Robert Fletcher and   we are experienced Cockapoo Club of GB approved breeders.  We have been breeding for over 40 years. You are welcome to contact us anytime for help and advice regarding Cockapoo's and Cavapoo's; although if you search you will find all information about how we breed on our web site.


I normally like to meet people and do not start a waiting list or take deposits on puppies withoug doing so.  However I know this can be difficult with the distances involved, so I  will  take a booking if the result of a long telephone conversation is satisfactory and you meet my criteria.  This is a two way thing, you have to approve me and I you!!     You are always welcome to visit.



PLEASE NOTE that I do not like visitors to come immediately AFTER they have visited another breeder

ON THE SAME DAY  as this risks cross infection. You will anyway be asked to remove your shoes and disinfect your hands.


Tel: 01673 843640    




Email: millbone15@gmail.com

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