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Who we are



Welcome to Woodlands Cockapoos.


We pride ourselves on breeding well-balanced and healthy Cockapoos, and are approved members of the Cockapoo Club of GB.  To obtain this status, our premesis, paperwork, and dogs, have all been inspected.   During this process, we had a litter present, so inpectors could see how our puppies are reared, and loved.


This means you can buy with confidence.



Current Status


We are planning to mate both Willow.  She is due in season late this year/early next year.  If that timing is right for you and

you'd like further information, please ring 01673 843640 before 6.00 p.m.

































We are Maureen & Robert Fletcher and are experienced Cockapoo Club of GB approved breeders.  We have been breeding for over 40 years and can help answer your questions if you would like to contact us for help and advice regarding Cockapoos; although, if you search our web pages, you will find all information about how we breed.


We prefer to meet people before accepting them as potential owners of our puppies, and do not put them on a waiting list without a deposits  


However, we know this can be difficult with the distances involved, so will take a booking after a long telephone conversation, where owners meet our criteria to ensure the puppy is going to a good home. This is a two way process; you have to approve us too, and feel comfortable that your puppy is from a loving and home reared environment.


You are welcome to visit us but please note, that we do not allow visitors who have come immediately from another breeder, on the same day. This is to ensure that there is no risk of cross infection. All visitors are asked to remove their shoes, and to disinfect their hands. Puppies are open to all sorts of dangers so we like to minimise these risks in order to keep them healthy.




Tel: 01673 843640    

Email: [email protected]

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Little Rea - our glamour girl from Lexi and Red