Woodlands Cockapoos



About us and what you can expect

We have been breeding dogs of different breeds for over 40 years.  


Having fallen in love with Cockapoos, we are using our experience to concentrate on ensuring that they are bred ethically, and with their well-being at the heart of what we do.  


Our bitches are whelped in our home, and our puppies are house reared.  At the moment, we only breed F1s and my Cocker Spaniel bitches are American and English Show type.  For ethical reasons, we do not breed from any bitch under 18 months of age, and ensure that they are bred only once in any given year. The welfare of our dogs is of great importance to us.


Because of this, we ask that all potential owners of our puppies satisfy our criteria so we know they are going to a good home. Their welfare is of far greater importance to us than the exchange of money.


The Contract

This gives you peace of mind: knowing that you are buying from a reputable breeder as well as the ability to return the puppy within seven days if your vet says there is a serious health problem.


Book of Advice

Owning a new puppy can be overwhelming. With all our experience, we provide a book giving you advice right from when you take puppy home, to advice on diet and the quipment you will need. This book is an invaluable resource for many of our new parents.


Vetinary Health Check Certificate

We provide the above certificate on each individual puppy, to ensure that they are healthy when they arrive in their new home with you.


Free Insurance 

Finding the right insurance can be a minefield. We provide you with four weeks free insurance so you can take your time and find the right provider that meets your needs.  


Worming Certificate

Full details showing when the puppy was wormed.


Eye Certificate

This is for the parent/s.  If either or both parents are clear for PRA the puppies cannot have this awful problem.


Micro Chipping 

Your puppy will be microchipped into your name.  this means you will have to do nothing  It is now the law in the UK to microchip puppies before they leave the breeder.


Toy, Blanket and Food

Most importantly, your puppy will leave with food, a puppy blanket and toy so their journey home, and their first few hours/days, are as easy for them (and you) as possible.



We will send you photographs from birth, in the litter with mum, from two to three weeks in groups of two or three, and more individual photos later.  







After a long chat with you, where at the end, we both feel comfortable moving forward, you will be required to pay a deposit. Once the puppies are born, you are able to visit but will not be able to handle them until they are five weeks old. Please bear this in mind when you are travelling long distances.





















We produce the happiest and healthiest puppies.

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