Woodlands Cockapoos





Why choose us


Our dogs are all from from quality breeding lines and have lovely natures. We home rear our puppies, making sure they are well socialised, used to human touch, and accustomed to household noises.


As you will see from the 'about us' page, we provide health tested documents on the parents.


In addition, we provide ongoing support to all our puppies, and generally have a waiting list due to the number of recommendations we receive.


Our puppies come from a loving and caring home; one that you know has given the best possible start to your puppy's life in every aspect.

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Lexi and Red had a litter of six in January 2016 - here are five of our puppies, at their sibling meet up in September 2016.


George, Evie, Rea, Jess, and Oscar (from left to right)